Best in Class CRM to extend your reach

    crm-solutions-Personalized communications that build relationships with your prospects and create opportunities.  ESIM Campus CRM helps higher education institutions find, engage, and enroll more of the right students. This best-in-class CRM application produce marketing campaigns that get results. Communicating with students, prospective students, and corporate contacts in the right way, at the right time is essential to building and growing your program.

    ESIM Campus CRM  delivers a solution with enterprise-grade performance, created specifically for the higher education industry. Its integration with key systems, along with customizable workflows, activity tracking, and task management enables greater productivity. Our comprehensive solution brings in not only CRM functionalities, but also the provision of assigning, scheduling and tracking of marketing campaign activities and measuring their performance. Allowing access to prospect student  data in real time.

    Features & Benefits

    Manage with insights

    Make faster, better decisions about strategies and tactics with integrated and consistent data.

    Personalize every engagement

    Engage constituents more deeply at any point in the relationship.

    Configurable online applications

    Create an application that meets the unique needs of your institution

    Prospect and funnel management

    Share integrated student data across the team and assign tasks across your institution

    Reports and Analytics

    Real-time visibility into the entire admissions recruitment process. See how your institution is progressing with dashboards

    Maximize enrollment

    Leverage best-in-class CRM tools to produce marketing campaigns that get results. Analyzes student’s changing needs and preferences and classifies customers based on profile

    Extend your reach

    Leverage online services, mobile apps, unlimited email broadcasts, and telemarketing campaigns to connect with your top prospects

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    Before ESIM Campus CRM, we found that keeping notes on prospective students has been made all over the places. It helps us managing all information at one central location. When a call or email comes in, we can see the full history and take necessary action now.


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